Beyond The Breakwater, with Ocean Skiff Journal

Blue Water, Small Boat, Big Fish

What is Tsunami Fishing Systems?

Tsunami Fishing Systems is a startup company focused on fishing offshore in small boats.

Our Mission:

To offer products and services that improve the safety, comfort and  effectiveness of offshore fishermen who use small boats. Our products will be clearly unique, surprisingly innovative and always add value.

Our primary product is "Beyond The Breakwater", an online magazine / blog that focuses on coastal and offshore fishing from small (less than 24') boats, light-tackle and salt water fly fishing in Southern California.

BTB began life in 2001 as "Ocean Skiff Journal", an on-line magazine / blog that chronicled the journeys of our project boat "Toy Boat 2". OSJ focused on the unique challenges of fishing offshore in small open boats.

With content focused equally on fishing and boating, OSJ covered a wide range of topics ranging from fishing tackle and tactics, to boating equipment and safety. We maintained on-line vessel logs and equipment scorecards providing readers with long-term product performance information. We also compiled summaries and analyses of relevant industry news and articles.

In 2005, we launched the original BTB website, which was focused on coastal and offshore salt water fly fishing in Southern California. Salt water fly fishing has never been as popular in Southern California as it has in the Southeastern US or East Coast, and BTB was conceived as an outreach / educational site to help popularize salt water fly fishing.

In 2014 we decided to roll BTB and OSJ into one venue. We were spending a lot of time posting duplicate content on both sites, and the consolidation just made sense. Now we are just "Beyond The Breakwater"

Even though Tsunami Fishing Systems is a "high-tech" company, we don't believe technology is the answer to everything. Our philosophy is "Not more, but just enough". We intend to use technology to enhance, not overwhelm, your day on the water.

Above all, we want to help you experience the thrill of being out in open water, finding and hooking a trophy fish, and bringing it to boat-side. Our tagline is "Blue Water, Small Boat, Big fish". Do you get it?