Carbon Shield II Boat Conventional Rod

Length - Power:
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A tip strength increase of thirty percent and greatly improved sensitivity are just two of the important benefits found in the Tsunami Carbon Shield II rods. The one-piece, super high modulus IM7 carbon fiber blanks are strong, resilient, powerful, and light weight to make hooking and fighting big fish a breeze. D16, Nanotech construction delivers sixteen axes of fiber layup for the utmost in hoop strength under all loading during the toughest fights. Fore and rear mounted EVA grips gives a positive hold even in wet conditions. ALPS Zirconium guides dissipate heat fast and performance tuned actions are standard features of these premium rods to assure the best of modern fishing rod design. All day fish fighting won’t leave the angler exhausted. Lengths and powers available for whatever species you chase on your coast.

  • ALPS Guides with Zirconium Rings
  • D16 Nanotech Weave
  • IM7 Carbon Fiber
  • EVA Foam Grips all Around

Rod Specifications

Model # Length Power Lure Rating Ounces Line Rating Braid
TSCSHDBCII701MH-B 7'0" MH 2-4 oz 30-50
TSCSHDBCII701H-B 7'0" H 3-6 oz 40-80
TSCSHDBCII701XH-B 7'0" XH 3-8 oz 50-100

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